Global player
for sugar, starch and alcohol

Tereos is a cooperative agro-industrial group specialized in the primary processing of sugar beet, sugar cane and grains into a full range of sugars, starch products, alcohols, bioethanol and coproducts intended for animal feed and electrical power.

Thanks to its 39 industrial sites accross Europe, South America et Africa, Tereos offers sustainable outlets for the production from one million hectares of farmland. It has achieved a strong rate of development over the past 20 years, multiplying its total production by 50. In this way, Tereos is well positioned to respond to the global consolidation in its business sectors, as well as increasingly international markets and commodity price volatility.

Its ability to plan ahead, as well as its expertise and mastery of the techniques and markets involved enable Tereos to lead the way in its fields. It rallies its 12,000 cooperative beet growers and 26,500 permanent and seasonal staff around a long-term vision for agriculture, developing value through natural resources, creating many outlets for agricultural production and reducing environmental impacts.

Groupe Tereos, key figures 1
Tereos Groupe, key figures 2