Tereos Coproduits filiale du groupe Tereos, acteur mondial des sucres, alcools et amidons

Who are we ?

Tereos Coproduits is a subsidiary of the agro-industrial group Tereos, a global player for sugar, alcohol and starch.

Tereos Coproduits is responsible for marketing the various coproducts derived from the sugar beet industry. Thanks to the Tereos Group's nine production sites, both sugar refineries and distilleries, across northern France, we are able to offer coproducts for three markets : animal feed , fertilization and fermentation.

Animal feed

Dried and pressed sugar beet pulps represent the main coproducts offered by Tereos Coproduits. Both fiber and energy-rich, they can be used for feeding cattle, goats and sheep, and may be added to pet food.


Vinasse and potassium sulfate are standardized organic potassium-based fertilizers that may be used for arable crops, glasshouse and tree farming.
Sugar scum is a calcium-rich solution for soil conditioning.


Sugary syrups are used in alcohol production and represent excellent fermentation substrates for the yeast industry or amino acid production.

Key figures

Coproducts for animal feed :

600 000 tons of dehydrated beet pulp

800 000 tons of pressed beet pulp with 27% dry matter

Coproducts for fertilization

250 000 tons fertilizer vinasse

6 000 tons of potassium sulfate

600 000 tons of sugar scum

Coproducts for fermentation

1 000 000 tons of low-purity syrups

CA 2011 of Tereos Coproduits