Pulpe surpressée Coproduits


Nutritional qualities for ruminants

  • » Pressed pulp offers a good bulk coefficient and high energy value, better than for maize silage, particularly thanks to its high level of digestible glucidic compounds.
  • » This food stands out by being appetizing for cattle of all ages. It may supplement or even replace forage such as grass or maize silage in rations.

Galactogenic effect

  • » Introducing pressed pulp into rations stimulates milk production and may improve dairy performances by around 1 to 3 kg of milk per day and per cow. 

Regulations and quality certifications 

  • » Pressed pulp is controlled regularly during the campaign period and is in line with current regulation. 
  • » All the Tereos plants are certified IFIS for the production of pressed pulps. Tereos Coproduits is also certified GMP for the coproducts commercialization.