Sulfate de potassium Coproduits


Potassium, a vital element for plants

  • » Potassium is an essential element for plants: it is involved in cell function and stimulates photosynthesis, while encouraging protein synthesis and migration to storage organs. It also reduces transpiration and enables better drought resistance in plants.

Fertilizer with very low chlorine content 

  • » Potassium sulfate contains less than one percent chlorine. It therefore has a low salinity index, which limits the soil salinity risk.

Source of sulfur  

  • » Unlike other potassium-based fertilizers, potassium sulfate is also an important source of sulfur, containing around 18%. It is therefore perfectly well suited for sulfur-intensive or deficient crops.  

Standardized quality 

  • » Potassium sulfate is a standardized product (Standard NFU 42 001 governing organic fertilizers).