Sirop basse pureté Coproduits

Transformation process  

Low-purity syrups come from the beet sugar extraction process. During this processing, the beet is washed and cut into strips.

The sugar is extracted from the strips by diffusion with a current of warm water at 75°C. The impurities are removed from this juice during a lime-based purification stage. The water is then evaporated and the juice undergoes a crystallization and centrifugation stage.

The low-purity syrup is extracted, while the moist crystallized sugar is deposited on the centrifuge walls. 


  • » Through their sugar content, low-purity syrups represent an excellent development substrate for yeasts or other microorganisms for the fermentation industries.
  • » Low-purity syrups have a sugar content of 55 to 65%, while a standard molasses has around 45 to 50%.