Coproduits innovation

Tereos Coproduits' mission is to put new projects in place for Tereos France's coproducts and raw materials with a view to optimizing value added for cooperative growers, while diversifying outlets across a range of different sectors.

The projects looked into are focused on three main themes :

  1. 1. Beet coproduct energy conversion: various techniques for producing energy based on coproducts are being researched with a view to replacing part of the fossil energies used in the industrial units with green energy. By mid-2014, a vinasse methanation project will be producing biogas from beet vinasse.

  2. 2. High value-added molecule extraction: under a partnership with DUPONT, a betaine extraction unit was set up at the Origny site in spring 2012.

  3. 3. New products and techniques: an industrial pilot is being rolled out at the Attin site with a simplified extraction process for sugar syrups. This new technique is paving the way for the production of a new sweet animal feed, BETADOR. This project is being carried out in partnership with three companies: Lesaffre, Ecopsi and Maguin.

Each project has a steering committee, drawing on the internal expertise built up within Tereos France (technical, commercial, agronomic, management control), as well as the external capabilities of partner firms.