Pulpe déshydratée Coproduits


Nutritional qualities  

  • » Dehydrated pulp is an energy and fiber-rich product. It is very low in lignin, making it an easily digestible food for animals. It represents an effective fodder supplement for cattle farming.
  • » It makes it possible to maintain rumen health for animals, with slow digestion and a gradual release of fatty acids, limiting the risk of acidosis.  
  • » Introduced into rations for pigs, it plays a positive role in improving intestinal transit, as well as sow fertility and litter size, in addition to livestock behavior by encouraging calmer behavior in the animals. 

Opportunities for use with livestock 

  • » Dehydrated pulp is available as 6 or 8 mm pellets, suitable for all types of livestock. 
  • » It is easily transportable and may be stored for several years in a dry place. 

Regulations and quality certifications

  • » Dehydrated pulp is controlled regularly during the campaign period and is in line with current regulation.
  • » All the Tereos plants are certified IFIS for the production of dehydrated pulps Tereos Coproduits is also certified GMP for the coproducts commercialization.